You’ll Need A Lot of Red Crayons for this GOREgeous Coloring Book

Even if it’s totally passed you by so far, you might be about to get on board with the adult colouring book craze. We’d recommend picking up a few extra red crayons for tackling this colouring book however! The Beauty of Horror is an upcoming project from rock-star-turned-comics-creator Alan Robert, which invites you to colour intricate macabre and gruesome scenes.


Robert was inspired to create the book when he saw the lack of diversity in the adult colouring books available. “As a proud member of the horror community, I took it upon myself to stand up for the rights of monster-lovers everywhere. Why should we be excluded from the coloring phenomenon?! Needless to say, my take on the whole thing is completely warped, but I know I’m not alone… there’s a lot of us horror-fiends out there looking to color in some morbid stuff.”


The Beauty of Horror, which is available to pre-order on Amazon, features 80 pages of original artwork depicting a variety of increasingly terrifying scenes and patterns. Featuring a beautifully chilling red foiled cover and high-quality paper that will ensure the pools of blood you color don’t leak through the pages, Robert and IDW have come together to present a deluxe coloring experience this Halloween.



Oh, and those all red crayons – totally a thing you can buy!