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Trent Shy is an artist who specialises in gruesome claymation. He has produced promotional videos for horror festivals as well as parodies and tributes to classic horror movies. His piece ‘Monster Zombie Claymation’ received great reviews in the horror community, with The Rotting Zombie describing it as  “amazingly well done, the camera shots are fantastic, The buildings are made up of lollipop sticks, the zombies and monsters grotesque with lots of blood pumping out of their wounds and losing flesh and body parts, and the music is really screwed up giving such an atmosphere. It feels like a bad acid trip, a plasticine nightmare, a claymation catastrophe. The creator; Trent Shy is very good at what he does.”

Check out Monster Zombie Claymation below:

Most recently, Trent created the promotional video for Crimson Screen Horror Film festival, South Carolina’s first ever horror festival. The festival takes place on the 19th and 20th of April in Charleston, USA. In the video, Trent has created a story in which a woman watches a series of clips paying tribute to classic horror movies, before the horror invades her home. Check it out below:

Trent describes his films as “inspired by the films I love, grindhouse cinema, and the VHS tapes I grew up watching. No plot and lots of blood and monsters”. Dread Central also looked at his work, and explained “keep an eye out for more from Trent as soon as he decides that it’s time to get his hands dirty again”

As well as stop motion work, Trent creates awesome claymation parody horror posters




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