Fan Art Re-imagines Horror Characters As Famous Cars


I’ll admit I know nothing about cars – not even now to drive one. Although I might be persuaded to learn if some of these vehicles were available! Mike Vousden did achieve the task of getting me to read a blog about cars – so that’s something.


Mike created a series of images mashing up horror film characters with iconic vehicle designs. They include a Xenomorph as a Tesla Model X; Freddy Krueger as an Ariel Nomad; Ghostface as an Alfa Romeo 4C; Frankenstein as a Mercedes-AMG G63; Jason Voorhees as an Abarth 595; The Grady Twins as Smart cars; Dracula as a Mazda MX-5; Hannibal Lector as a Jeep Wrangler; Leatherface as a Dodge RAM 1500; and Pinhead as a Citroen C4 Cactus.


Vousden created the series for CarWow, and explained: “Great horror movies are defined by the terrifying monsters they feature. Even the scariest characters still need to get to the shops for a pint of blood or a copy of The Guardian, however.”


Would they favour practicality over striking fear into the hearts of their prey? Or would they just flat-out prefer flattening their foe? ” 


For those of you who are interested in the cars themselves, the artist gives some explination as to how he selected the vehicles to match each character. For example, ‘Hannibal Lecter is a psychologist by day and a sociopathic cannibal by night. Handily, the Jeep Wrangler’s interior is so rugged it can be hosed down – ideal for any particularly messy dining experiences. Dr Lecter’s version features extra storage for fava beans and a few crates of nice Chianti.’


Likewise; ‘Much like Frankenstein’s monster, the Mercedes-AMG G63 is built from very old parts, stitched together and reanimated by a multitude of life-support systems. Thanks to its rugged off-road chassis, the G63 would be ideal for Frankenstein’s monster to make his getaway from the laboratory in which he was born.’


Check out more details about the project here. What type of car would you want to see your favourite slasher driving?