The Best Horror Movie Themed Playing Cards

Card games are one of the oldest surviving forms of entertainment. They are thought to originate from China, during the Tang dynasty around the 9th century AD. Through centuries of design and adaptation, playing cards remain a popular fixture in homes across the world. Of course, the 21st century ushered in online card games, including Judi Baccarat Online, online trading cards and more. We’re going to take a look at some horror movie themed card decks and games that every horror fan will want to add to their collections. It’s our True Top Five picks for the most impressive designs to be found on playing cards!

Friday the 13th Playing Cards

This set features perhaps horror’s most well known villain in a range of shots from the Friday the 13th franchise. With twelve movies under his belt, Jason was bound to have a branded card game amid the countless merch items to feature the hockey mask-wearing slasher icon. Each of the cards in the deck offers a different image from a film in the series, and with so many memorable scenes – the selection looks fantastic. We wonder if games that involve completing a chain of cards could be adapted to find all the scenes from a certain film in the franchise, or a certain kill type?

Godzilla Playing Cards

The King of the Monsters has his own poker card deck, and thankfully it doesn’t feature any shots from his… less well remembered film outings. Instead the deck traces the monster back to his roots and adorns the cards with images used in early magazine adverts and original Japanese movie posters. Once you get over the fact that all the cards should rightfully be kings, it’s a gorgeous set paying tribute to retro kaiju. Look out for artwork inspired by the posters for ‘Destroy All Monsters’, ‘Mothra’, and ‘Godzilla vs. The Thing’.

Horror 1 Retro Top Trumps Card Game

Aside from standard decks, there is a wealth of alternative card games with horror movie inspired designs. One of the most popular, and featuring some awesome retro artwork, is the Horror Series from Top Trumps. The original game began in the 1970s, and remains popular today. Various numerical attributes are given to all of the cards in a pack, with the goal being to play the correct cards in order to score higher than your opponents. Over the years the cards have seen various horror and Halloween themes – but by far our favourite is the ‘Horror 1 Retro’ collectors edition. The cards include well known cinematic monsters including the Phantom of the Opera and Godzilla – as well as more generic bad guys such as trolls and monsters. The illustrations have that pre-code horror comic vibe too, making them a unique horror collectible.

Bicycle Unnameable Horrors

There’s actually a few sets in the Bicycle Unnameable Horrors series, which was produced in limited numbers. The cards are designed by renowned gothic artist Ian Daniels – who partnered with Bicycle to create the decks inspired by the works of H.P Lovecraft. Everything about them is influenced by the cosmic horror writer; including suit designs and packaging. The designs draw influence from the 1920s, carnivals and freak shows, and Lovecraft movie adaptations (such as ‘Re-Animator’). The series includes Unnameable Horrors, The Necronomicon, and Elder Sign – but the Unnameable Horrors deck is our favourite.

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