Awesome Minimalist Horror Bust Designs

strongstuff, aka artist Tom Whalen is known for his minimalist designs. His clients have included big names, such as Marvel , Universal and The Misfits – but it’s a series he created much earlier in his career that caught our attention. These awesome minimalist horror bust designs feature horror’s biggest icons represented in a stylish and unique manner.

On his website, the artist explains “Countless Sunday afternoons were spent sitting next to that squeaky old spinner rack of comics in my grandmother’s candy store. I loved the stories, but it was the art that stuck with me. armed with well-worn issues of character guides like “Who’s Who in the DC Universe”and “The Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe”, it was sometime around sixth grade when i started to take drawing seriously. Multiple trapper keepers full of my own character designs would follow. An 11″x17″ drawing pad and a pencil were staples of my high school existence. a few thousand  drawings (give or take) Later, my own style started to emerge.

Now, nearly 20 years later, I relish the opportunity to mesh my passion for design and love of illustration for clients like Disney, Marvel, The Beatles and Target. I feel like a kid in a candy store.”








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