Horror Block Review


We have previously discussed Horror Block, a new box subscription service catering to horror fans, and their support of the indie horror community. The folks at Nerd Block were kind enough to ship us over a sample box to check out, but the boxes start at $19.99 per month, with some slightly cheaper subscription plans available. Typically, these types of boxes include a t-shirt and a figurine as standard, with four or five other novelty or exclusive items included.

The overall look of the box is well designed, around the size of a large shoe box with blood spatters and ‘Don’t Open Dead Inside’ printed along the edge. Obviously the value of the items will fluctuate, but looking at previous boxes the total value tends to be between $15-20 more than the subscription cost.

horror block

Probably the main item in the box is an exclusively designed The Walking Dead Dixon Motorcycle Repair t-shirt. It’s an awesome vintage style of design that fans of the show are sure to appreciate.


Also for Walking Dead fans, there’s a drawstring bag featuring art from the series. The print is high quality and paired with the t-shirt is a nice bundle for zombie fanatics.


Probably my favourite item in the block is a canvas print from Lee Howard of Quiet Room Bears. Lee is a fantastic independent horror artist, and this is a great high quality print of his Hellraiser piece. It’s a nice addition to the more modern franchises featured for classic horror fans.


A rubber zombie (although some of the boxes contained a blood stained clown) keychain is also included which is a nice little novelty.


One of the biggest horror publications in the world, Rue Morgue, have partnered with Horror Block to include an issue of their magazine. If you have never been able to pick up the magazine in your country, it is definitely worth checking out. Not only is it full of great horror content, but it’s a beautiful magazine to look at.

horror block

Finally, this block included a wind-up zombie or mummy character. We received the mummy, which I was pleased with. Nothing against zombies, but they made up the majority of the box so the mummy was a welcome addition. The model comes on three sheets of thick card which you pop out and assemble. It was actually a lot of fun to put together, with a little bit of a challenge if you have no prior experience of model building. Everything fits together really well and the wind-up mechanic is pretty funny to watch as the mummy shambles along.

Overall, the Horror Block seems to be good value. There was a nice range of items and often there are events for subscribers (eg. Extra t-shirt month) To sign up for Horror Block, head over to the official website.