Horror in the Bathtub with Regan and Pennywise Duckies

The rubber duck is a widely recognised symbol for bathing – featuring in cartoons, water attractions and advertising around the world. The simple design allows the duckies to transform into all kinds of pop culture and celebrity icons. Even Queen Elizabeth is rumoured to own a rubber duck – fashioned with its own crown!

The latest update to the design got our attention though, with this new line of ducks inspired by horror movie characters. The Tubbz line of collectible ducks have some new recruits including Regan from The Exorcist and nightmarish clown Pennywise.

“Who said ducks couldn’t be frightening? Clearly they haven’t seen Regan with her head twisted round, covered in green vomit and rocking a deep demonic voice!” reads the description.

Beetlejuice, as well as several Lost Boys characters also make an appearance in duck form.

Which other horror villains would you like to see as ducks?

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