Horror art by MissPoe


Dead Deer: a collage made of close up-photos of fabric and hair (and a little lantern)

MissPoe is a 23 year old artist  living in the  north Swedish countryside. She has been drawing her entire life and is constantly trying to get better and developing different styles. She read the artistic line in school which helped her a lot and gave her the tools to become a better artist.

During fall and winter she participates in theatre, both writing and acting. But her real passion is art and most days she  draws, paints, and takes care of her beloved iguana Nelissa.


Dementor: inspired by the Harry Potter series


October: a poem accompanies this piece

All hallows eve has come and gone, the spirits are put to rest
Octobers magic has us shown, it’s all an ancient fest
Your dead has come to visit, to make sure that you are fine
But unless you too are sleeping, you should know you still are mine.

Your’s truly


Silence: the artist decribes this one as – “Everything is almost normal. Yes, almost. The thing about death is that it brings silence. Silence and chaos at the same time.”


Phantom: inspired by European folk tales

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