Hooray for Horrorwood!


We all know that horror has been largely marginalised by the Oscars, with only a small handful of films ever making ‘Best Picture’ nomination. However, Hollywood has done slightly better with honouring some of our favourite horror stars on the walk of fame. We took a look at some of the horror icons who have received this honour.

Walk of Fame 5_OTIS

Boris Karloff, most notable for his portrayal of Frankenstein’s monster, actually has two stars – at 1737 Vine Street for motion pictures, and 6664 Hollywood Boulevard for television


Man of a Thousand Faces Lon Chaney has a star on the walk of fame. The man who innovated horror makeup has also appeared on US postage stamps.


Iconic Dracula star Bela Lugosi’s star was the inspiration for “Celluloid Heroes”, a song performed by The Kinks and written by their lead vocalist and principal songwriter, Ray Davies.

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Perhaps the greatest voice in horror, Vincent Price has two stars – for both film and television

Hollywood, Boulevard, Stars, Walk of Fame, Hollywood, Ca,

Basil Rathbone perfected playing villains. Although his career spanned many genres, notable horror performances include Son of Frankenstein, The Mad Doctor and Tales of Terror

Hollywood stars Jamie Lee Curtis

Halloween scream queen Jamie Lee Curtis has a star at the South side of the 6600 block of Hollywood Boulevard


Iconic makeup artist Rick Baker received the 2485th star of the Hollywood Walk of Fame on November 30, 2012