Homicidal Homemaker Launches Horror Cookery Show


Where Home Economics Meets Horror!” Dubbed as the “macabre Martha Stewart”, horror hostess Kaci Hansen puts the ‘cleaver’ in June Cleaver with deadly delectables, gruesome gourmet and more. She’s known as The Homicidal Homemaker and her website hosts tones of recipe ideas which bring together her love for cooking and horror movies. Kaci has an extensive and varied career within the horror industry, and opened the Central Valley Horror Club back in 2008. It was the first and only project of it’s kind in Central California and continues to host horror events such as screenings and concerts.

Her resume also includes organising Monster Balls and her own horror comic book series – Kaci Hansen PresentsIf that wasn’t enough, she’s been named as a Fangoria Spooksmodel, formed a horror dance troupe, and became a horror host on the show Friday Fright Nights. Her self-designed recipes have earned her praise in the horror community, and have names such as American Horror Story Blood Soaked Caramel Corn and Edible Entrails. 


Following the success of sharing her recipes with the indie horror community, Kaci launched The Homicidal Homemaker – the cookery show. Even if you’ve never watched a cookery show in your life, we’d urge horror fans to check it out immediately. Not only is the food being created unique and gruesome, but Kaci is a fantastic host and passionate member of the horror community.

So far on the show, The Homicidal Homemaker has demonstrated how to make a Twin Peaks inspired pie, monster lollipops, and edible entrails.


Check out a teaser for the show below, and full episodes on the official YouTube channel.

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