Home vs Cinema – The Horror Experience

We often find ourselves comparing one experience to another to discover which is better – one appearing recently has been particularly common for gaming in the gambling genre as brick-and-mortar locations remain closed and players turn to online alternatives for entertainment – although certain changes have been made to make access restrictive for some, a growing list of non-Gamstop and easily accessible sites at Maximum Casinos have become available for players to get the best possible experience.

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Another experience that has been changed lately for many is their movie watching experience as in a similar fashion many cinemas and theatres had been forced to close. Some fans will say there is no replacement for the big screen and that it is the perfect way to enjoy a flick, but as always there are the others who feel the home experience can offer much more – but how do the two compare for the horror experience and which may come out on top for the majority of viewers?

It’s hard to replace the sound produced in a cinema and with so much of a horror movie being about sound – the clear edge goes to the big screen here. Whilst it is possible to replicate at home to some degree, it will never quite feel the same and the depth may not be there – there are some things that can be done to improve this, if watching alone a good set of headphones that are noise cancelling and heavy on the bass may instil that feeling of dread, but a more creative approach will be needed for multiple viewers to benefit from the same sound experience which could be a little trickier if you’re not in possession of a full and wide sound system.

The ambiance has to be given to the home watchers however – people moving around in their chairs, chatting, looking at their phones or crunching on popcorn can certainly take away from the experience and break the immersion but if you’re home alone on a dark rainy night, the ambiance can certainly creep up on you. There’s always the added fear of a creaky house or getting up to move around can be just as scary afterwards too. 

The last is subjective to taste – sitting at the back row in a cinema with the huge screen is something many viewers really enjoy and wouldn’t have it any other way, whereas others much prefer a bed or the sofa for their viewing experience – but the advantage may again have to be given to the home viewer here as there are a much wider range of options, and with projectors and TV’s getting bigger and more affordable, it can be difficult to tell the difference.

With cinemas starting to reopen across the world, there are plenty of opportunities to have that experience once again and with some big titles such as Candyman on the way, there’s certainly going to be many horror fans that are excited to get back to a different viewing experience once again.


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