Home Invasion Horror ‘Nefarious’ Launches on Kickstarter

You may remember last week when we shared the poster design for upcoming indie horror film Nefarious. The home invasion horror is the second film from Richard Rowntree and Ash Mountain Films – the first being the multi award winning Dogged. Yesterday Nefarious launched on Kickstarter, seeking the support of horror fans to bring the film to life.

The crowdfunding page gives more information on the project, including the reveal of Nefarious’ key characters and a more detailed synopsis. The film follows Darren, Lou, Jo and Mas who are in debt within the criminal underworld. On the other side of their town live recent lottery winning brothers, and when these worlds collide in a botched robbery – they are all tested to their limits, facing a terrifying predator.

Nefarious joins the ranks of the home invasion horror subgenre, which includes films like You’re Next and In Their Skin. The team explain on the Kickstarter page“Where do people feel safe, & where do they need to feel safe?  At home. So by bringing the home-invasion sub genre to the surface of this story, we want to make the audience intimidated, isolated and downright scared.”

However, Rowntree’s upcoming film will be much more than a stalk-and-slash style invasion. “NEFARIOUS is about something more meaningful – it explores issues around mental health and disability, the class divide in the UK, and sexual manipulation – all of which are subjects we feel have a real relevance in the modern world.” the team explain.

There is a great selection of rewards available for backing the project, including autographed script pages, digital copies of the film, signed copies of DOGGED, and the chance to visit the set or even have a larger role in the filmmaking process.

The team are seeking £20,000 to make the film, and explain on the Kickstarter exactly where funds will be spent.

You may already know that Popcorn Horror selected Rowntree’s debut film DOGGED as the top award winner at Glasgow Horror Festival 2017. The folk horror was highly praised across the horror community, and we’re extremely excited to see what’s next for Rowntree and Ash Mountain Films.

Head over to the Kickstarter to find out more about Nefarious, and to support the film.

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