Help Bring The ‘Primal’ Nightmare To Life


As horror fans, we have a certain fondness for practical effects – particularly in 1980s classic Pumpkinhead. The monster design in the cult classic is so memorable, especially when compared with it’s modern CGI comparisons. That’s why we’re thrilled to see indie horror film Primal going back to horror’s roots and launching an ambitious monster movie in which the creature ‘Wen’ is created overwhelmingly with practical methods.

A team lead by Meredith Johns at Hawgfly Productions will be leading the realisation of the monster, who was created by director and Screamfest LA finalist Michael A. Cantu. Screenwriters Paul Scofield and Mark Cantu are also on board. The team are turning to indie horror supporters to help crowdfund the film, due to extensive costs involved with Wen’s creation.


“Our team wants to bring old school scares back to the fans, but package it into a film with strong characters as well as a great monster”, explains Cantu. The story revolves around five friends who attend a memorial service and unleash a Native American Demon that seeks retribution for their individual transgressions.

As well as fundraising for the film, the crew are keen to reward early backers with unique perks. One of these is an exclusive custom figure of the movie’s monster, set to be produced by Chinese manufacturers WAMAX, should the project see enough backers and support.

Head over to horror specific crowdfunding site Support Horror to find out more about the project, and to support the campaign.