Soska Sisters Slay Hellevator Season 2


There seems to be no stopping the engine that is the will and determination of Jen & Sylvia Soska’s passion for horror. It has barely been 2 weeks since The Soska Sisters announced that they are filming a reboot of David Cronenberg’s ‘Rabid‘ and this morning At GSN (Game Show Network) in New York City) they announced that they will be bringing to the GSN another season of popular horror game show ‘Hellevator‘.

‘Hellevator’ is a horror themed game show from the sinister minds of the Blumhouse Productions team, where 3 contestants have to engage in horrifically bloody (and sometimes downright frightening) challenges to win cash by working as a team and trying to not to get left behind on the floors which lead to a Labyrinth where they win additional cash.

During the challenges the Soskas deal their own brand of torture by heckling and taunting the contestants whilst explaining the challenges including the rewards….and consequences of failing.


This show is unlike any game show on TV right now. It’s an absolute must watch for all horror fans alike. Especially if you’re enjoying what Blumhouse Productions are currently bringing to the silver screen.

This is truly a remarkable achievement not only for Jason Blum and The Blumhouse Team but for Jen and Sylvia Soska also. It’s just goes to show what happens when you put a group of passionate, talented people together, allow them to collaborate and let their passion for Horror and the industry bleed through.

Congratulations To The Entire Blumhouse Productions Team and To The Soska Sisters! Hellevator Season 2 will air on The GSN Network later this year.

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