Heather Gleason, Halloween Artist

I’m a big fan of Heather Gleason’s Halloween art. She creates spooky decorative objects including witches hats, decorative coffins, modified household items, and Halloween paintings featuring her witchy characters.

Heather explains her work:

“Hello my name is Heather Gleason. I live in the Beautiful Hudson Valley Region of New York.

I am a Self Taught Artist creating unique One of a kind creepy, Halloween, Dark Art pieces. I am a full time artist/painter/illustrator, my moods and many thoughts are always evolving…I create Halloween/ Dark art all year long… I love all things spooky and weird! All images created come straight from my mind. I get inspired by my many moods and environment my kids are a huge part of my interesting creations i come up with on a daily basis. I have been living with schizophrenia since a child and this is how i remedy my thoughts by painting. Things Pop into my head they linger until they are out on canvas or little found objects. I create using high quality Acrylic and oil paints. I do sculpt from time to time but i prefer my trusty old magic paint brush.”



“My work has been collected world wide and shown in Many galleries and conventions, across the United States. My work has been in publications for Private Halloween Art collections and children ‘s Halloween books. I am currently working on several self published books which i enjoy more then anyone will know.

I enjoy doing Juried Arts and Crafts shows. I love dealing with the everyday person/public. Meeting people that love what they have come across their faces light up and just become a kid again!! My art is not sitting on a gallery wall for a month or two at a time with no one looking at it. Arts and crafts show you get larger numbers of People that love Hand made art. They are out in about for one thing and that is to shop and find something they absolutely love. Since Dark, Halloween Art is in a rarity and a lot of people do not know its out there i prefer to educate the people i come in contact with about the art. Making new friends and long time collectors. You will find me doing Arts and crafts shows more often as I prefer them over Gallery Exhibits.”



“My work is very eclectic some may call my work odd or weird I just take it as a compliment. Each image changes by my mood I can work on several art pieces at a time. Start one piece and my mood changes put the one piece aside and start another. Some pieces I never get back to until a year later which is rare. I have some Larger pieces that have been sitting up to 3 years. Lets hope i get to them soon. I don’t like to keep to many pieces for to long just sitting around. Each piece has a little bit of me in them. I put emotion in my work. This is what I love to do and do it everyday. My work clothes are my Pj’s and messed up hair. I don’t go out much as I am forever in my work. When i say forever the people that do know me know it really is a labor of love and I do need it to survive. If i didn’t have my paint and my trusty brush I don’t know how i would keep sane.

My eyes are an ocean in which my Nightmares are reflected!!!”




Information via Heather’s official website. Check it out for more of her awesome pieces.