HearseCon Might Have The Spookiest Car Show in the World

Be honest, have you ever wanted to drive around in a hearse? I have zero interest in cars, but as a horror fan they are appealing. HearseCon is probably the only car show I have ever wanted to attend, and it’s a gathering of the spookiest vehicles to be found.

HearseCon is a 4 day event held in Denver Colorado. It hosts hearse cruising, camping, fire performances, and is a gathering space for those who love these unusual cars. Some of the hearses are heavily modified and painted, showing the incredible creativity of the community. While some boast beautiful gothic decor, many owners also modify their hearses with video game and movie motifs.

Check out some photos from the event, and the array of bright and unique hearses on show. You can also find out more about the hobby at The Hearse Owners Database!

Photos by Andy Smith.

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