Most Haunted Places in Vegas!

 They say that Vegas is the city that never sleeps, but maybe it’s not only the people that can’t rest. Sin City is said to be home to a host of spirits, poltergeists and other worldly entities that terrify both guests, workers and employees across many a casino, school and even luxury hotels. Take a look at some of the most terrifying!

Bally’s Hotel Casino


Built on the site of the original MGM Grand Hotel, which suffered a huge fire in 1980 that started nearby and killed 85 people, whilst injuring over 650. Many people died due to smoke inhalation after being trapped in stairwells and corridors. It’s said that many of those who died during the fire now roam throughout the hotel and haunt the employees and guests. The fire was so devastating, it even altered fire safety rules across the globe.

Westgate Las Vegas


Despite the famous saying, it turns out Elvis has definitely not left the building. Despite his death in 1977, many people, both guests and staff have reported seeing the ghost of Elvis near the showroom and upper-floor hallways. Elvis lived at the hotel during his residencies, and his manager also lived in the hotel for years. He has also reportedly been spotted hanging around near the backstage elevator, which originally led to the greenroom, reported to be his favorite part of the hotel.

Liberace Museum


During renovation works several years ago, both Employees and construction workers reported seeing a mysterious shadowy figure close to Liberace’s old dressing room. The ghost of the singer himself has also been said to haunt the Carluccio’s restaurant, where Liberace would often invite his friends to the restaurant, originally called Tivoli Gardens.

Dell H. Robinson Middle Schooladraw5

Many brand new students have made found themselves being haunted by the ghost of an old janitor at the school. The back story of this ghost is unknown, but it’s said he’s often seen in the hallways with bloodied hands. It is also said that once the students have seen him, the spectral janitor will follow new student’s home, disappearing and re-appearing at random intervals.

Circus Circus 


In specific rooms throughout the hotel, guests have reported hearing terrifying cries for help. The phrase “Help Me” has also been reported to appear on certain bathroom mirrors. The story is that after a murder-suicide occurred in the hotel, the ghost of the child that was murdered now haunts the building, terrifying both guests and employees.