Most Haunted Lancashire Locations For A Spine Tingling Date

Did you know that Lancashire is thought to be one of the most haunted places in the UK? In 2016 it was even named as the third most haunted area in Britain, with dozens of grisly tales and unsettling urban legends. So if you are looking for a date with a difference, the area has plenty of spooky locations to choose from. We are going to take a look at a few of the most nerve shredding!

Lancaster Castle

The medieval Lancaster Castle is thought to have been first build in the 11th century, and more much of its life was used as a prison. In 1570, it was a dedicated prison for Catholic priests condemned for high treason by Elizabeth I.

It’s reputation didn’t improve much throughout the centuries, as it became the site of one of the UKs most infamous witchcraft trials. The Pendle Witches, twelve accused individuals who lived in the area surrounding Pendle Hill in Lancashire, were tried in the 1600s within the castle. Most of the accused were ultimately sentenced to death by hanging.

It’s no surprise then, that the castle has been plagued by accusations of ghostly activities for many years. Visitors have reported being pushed by spirits including an elderly woman who may have been one of the Pendle Witches. The ghost of a young child has also been reported, as well as the sound of horses in the grounds surrounding the castle structure. The castle is not only a fascinating place of history, but perhaps the best haunted site for Lancashire dating.

Lytham Hall

This 18th century country house is another eerie Lancashire location. Its not hard to see why – in the dark the enormous house looks as though it was designed for a Halloween movie.

Several spirits are said to roam the halls of the house, including a horse named Witch who was owned by historic resident John Talbot Clifton. Another early owner Sir Cuthbert Clifton is said to remain in his former home, with staff reporting hearing him stamping his feet and banging in his old bedroom on the second floor.

You and your date should listen carefully for the sound of hooves or unexplained crashing if you visit Lytham Hall together.

Hoghton Tower

This fortified manor house was built in the 1500s – so there’s been plenty of time for a few ghosts to move in. The tower was named as the UKs third most haunted building, and the present day staff still use a special ledger to record all ghostly activity.

The most well known spirit thought to haunt the Manor is known as the Green Lady; a lady in green velvet who has been seen several times near the Minstrel’s Gallery.

For extra scares, the building has a large ballroom where ghosts are said to dance. The spirit of a little girl and a large dog have also been recorded by visitors to the house’s hedge maze (which does also give the building an air of The Shining creepiness).

It’s clear that if you want to take your date out for a memorably spooky evening, Lancashire is filled with interesting spots. The wealth of historic buildings and local legends is impressive and should provide any amateur ghost hunting couple with plenty of scares.