These Haunted House Models are Mindblowing

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Home haunts are awesome, and as we get closer and closer to the Halloween season the creativity of this community is starting to pop up everywhere. But maybe you can’t commit to turning your entire house into Tim Burton’s fantasy. Well, look no further than these incredible haunted house models, scaled down but just as spooky.

The Haunted Construction Company specialise in all manner of spooky builds, including home haunt props, miniature Halloween towns, pop up pumpkin patches and most famously – their incredibly detailed haunted house models.

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The company was founded by Tommy Dombroski when he was suddenly out of work at an electronics company. Looking for something to occupy his time, and with Halloween approaching, Tommy built his first model house. To make some money, he decided to put the model on eBay, and was surprised when it sold for much higher than the asking price.

Dombroski realised he could combine his love of construction and horror movies, running an Etsy store where he sells his models.


Tommy began attending Hauntcons in 2011 to promote his work and his models have developed something of a cult following. Every house is built entirely by hand, using mostly wood. Other materials including wire, clay, paper mache, and plastics. Some of the houses even have tiny speakers built in to play spooky sound effects.

Check out more of these incredible haunted sets below.










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