Happy 20th Birthday Sadako: Celebrating Two Decades of ‘Ring’

I’ve spoken before about my fondness for the Ring series, even it’s flawed installments. It was the first horror franchise I became invested in as a young child, the first non-English language horror I’d come across in the days before internet streaming – late one night on Channel 4. And despite recent entries not being on par with the original; or the books which inspired the series, I’ll still check them out.

Today marks the 20th anniversary of the most famous adaptation of the series by Koji Suzuki. ‘Ring’ (often incorrectly labeled ‘Ringu’ to distinguish it from the remake in the West). Released this day 1998 in Japan, and distributed by Toho, for a short time Ring was the highest grossing film in it’s native country.

We’ve paid tribute to the series many times, so enjoy a look at Popcorn Horror’s history of documenting the history of Sadako!

Way, way back we attempted to unravel the timeline of the series in an article suggesting weekend horror viewing. Did you know, for example, that the 1998 version is actually the SECOND adaptation? Or that there was a 12 part television series with episode titles including Someone Will Die When the Curse is Solved, The Curse Was Not Lifted and The Thirteenth Day, a New Dead Person Destroys the World?

We also shared some fun fan tributes to the spook at the center of all the films.

You might like to take a look at a review of the US remake, written by RJ Bayley. 

The series has seen some odd promotional stunts over the years, including taking over a television store, a Sadako donut, presidential campaign and partnership with Hello Kitty

Plus this cool fan designed FunkoPop

Happy Birthday Sadako!

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