Halloween-Themed Casino Events Offer Spooky Gaming Fun

To say that Halloween is a big deal would be a slight understatement. The annual spooky holiday, which is based on pagan festivals that took place hundreds of years ago is celebrated by 64% of Americans, which is equivalent to 204 million people.

But celebrating Halloween is about more than putting on costumes and dressing up like a pumpkin-loving businessman or serenading their beloved with a guitar that looks like a giant pumpkin. Looking like a creepy character isn’t for everyone, so why not find your fun by playing casino games instead?

How Casinos Get Into the Halloween Spirit

Plenty of video games have Halloween events, from Overwatch and Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 to Killing Floor 2. Their characters dress in costumes and the difficulty levels get eerily tough. If you still want to get in on the themed gaming fun but don’t fancy being subject to a jump scare or two then casinos offer a slightly more low-key way to celebrate Halloween.

Casinos offer a pretty good incentive to turn the PlayStation off, grabbing your attention with some interesting deals. There are welcome offers that not only give players free spins on slot games for signing up, but some even offer weekly and monthly prizes, you just have to find your casino, choosing a casino provider that offers prizes that suit you. This means that if players stick with it, playing even after the Halloween spookfests are over, the casinos will make it worth a player’s time.

The deals themselves may not be specifically Halloween themed (even if they are enticing) but the games may be more likely to put a shiver down your spine and give you a genuine reason to shriek (in delight!) For games that look like they’re inspired by Halloween costumes themselves, there are Mermaid Millions and King Arthur, because who doesn’t love a mystical being and a legendary fantasy tale? Other popular choices from casino game developer Microgaming include House of Dragons and Oriental Fortune which both have a mythical creature vibe but are a little less spooky. There are hundreds of casino games in any case, which gives you plenty to choose from.
However you celebrate Halloween, make sure to have fun! The night is creepy but cool, eerie but entertaining, and fantastic but frightening. So whether you love to dress up or just want to play games, we hope you have a very good time.