23 Powerful, Creepy & Shocking Halloween Photos From Around The World

We feature many types of horror photography on the site – creepy, spooky and silly. But how has photography been used to chart Halloween experiences of the past century?

Celebrated all over the world, many cultures have unique Halloween traditions which are captured by photographers. Some of the following images are from cultural celebrations, some are intimate portraits of individuals on Halloween night, and some show the increasingly shocking nature of Halloween attractions. And so, we have selected 23 powerful photographs of Halloween around the world to share with you this October.

Dallas Halloween Skyline, Joseph Haubert
Halloween in Brooklyn, Joey L
A man wearing a werewolf mask sings in an alley in downtown Mexico City, Tomas Bravo
NYC Village Halloween Parade, Dia Dipasupil
1965 Nobel Prize for Trick-or-Treat for UNICEF program, Yutaka Nagata
A specialist shop in Germany prepares for the Witches Parade, Richard Picton
500 pumpkins Halloween display in Shenyang, northeast China, Stringer
Family watch the premier of ‘The Legend of Sleepy Hollow’ on TV – 1955
Filipinos wear ghost costumes as they join a Halloween Parade in Marikina Philippines, Aaron Favila
LA’s Smilin’ Jack, The Union Oil pumpkin in 1952
Children wearing Jason masks read horror stories, Ryanwiz
Barrett’s Haunted Mansion, Abington, Massachusetts, bhmansion.com
Denver Coffin Races, Zack Huggins
Traditional Pumpkin Flotilla, Central Park, Filip Wolak
Giant Pumpkin in Europa Park, Europa-Park
1991’s Halloween Blizzard, Upper Midwest of the United States, twincities.com
Richard Underly looks up at his giant mummy in Portage, Mark Bugnaski
A boy sells pumpkins on a street of Tirana, Albania, Gent Shkullaku
Steve Jobs Memorial Halloween Pumpkin, Roger Williams Zoo, Frank Grace
31st October flight from light from Kunming to Shenzhen, Wong Campion
Samhain Festival, Ireland, Myles Shelly
Mihama American Village Okinawa, Koji Kakazu
YMCA Halloween Party in Minneapolis, 1940s

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