Fan Mockumentary Presents the ‘Halloween’ Series As Real Life Events


There’s no shortage of Halloween fan films, but Michael Myers: Absolute Evil is something a little different. It’s a fan film presented as a documentary in a world where the crimes of Michael Myers in Haddonfield actually occurred. Featuring interviews with survivors, Haddonfield residents, experts who have researched the Myers case, and investigators who have attempted to capture him as well as never before seen crime scene photos, “Michael Myers: Absolute Evil” is the first documentary to tell the story of the real life Boogeyman.


The 90 minute films was written, edited, and directed by Rick Gawel for  AD NAUSEAM XI. It was made in four parts before being combined into a full length film, the parts being ‘The Night He Came Home’, ‘The Boogeyman’, ‘Monsters’, and ‘Haunted Haddonfield’. Gawel explained“No one had made a fan film documentary before, and it was also a more cost effective way of adding new material to the universe. I also wanted to make a movie that combined all the installments in the franchise under one storyline umbrella, and treat all the movies as if they were real live events.”

You can watch the entire film below, or find out more on Facebook.