Halloween Horror Comic ‘Dr. Orange’ Coming To Glasgow Horror Fest

Who’s started counting down to Halloween 2018? If you’re local to us, we hope you’ll be joining us for a weekend of spooks and scares at Glasgow Horror Fest! We revealed recently on social media that we would be bringing several exciting new horror attractions and exhibits to the festival’s convention hub this year.

One that we are particularly excited for is our Horror on Kickstarter Exhibit – which as well as being a great insight into indie horror and crowdfunding, also offers our guests the chance to take home some fantastic prizes with all the items being included in our raffle.  During the festival, an exhibit of horror goodies funded through Kickstarter and other crowdfunding platforms will be on display for guests to check out – along with information on the products and their creators.

The exhibit will include independent horror films, comics, books, artwork, design, fashion, toys and more. One awesome project joining the line-up is Dr. Orange, a 22-page full-color self-contained Halloween-themed psychological horror comic book by Joseph Duis. The comic features beautiful artwork that totally captures the atmosphere of the Halloween season. It’s currently seeking funding on Kickstarter, with lots of cool rewards for backers.

Here’s the official synopsis for the comic; ‘Suhailaa woman with a history of hallucinations she now controls through medication, lives with her wife Chetana in suburban Mississippi.  Her wife is a neurosurgeon and rarely home, so she often finds herself alone with her thoughts and her border collie, Rusty.  She carves a pumpkin for Halloween, naming it Dr. Orange.  Soon afterward, it starts coming after her in her dreams for revenge, and when she awakens things aren’t as she left them.  Is the threat real or all in her mind?  And why does this orange menace take on the persona of a psychotherapist?’


Joseph Duis is the creator, writer, and letterer of Dr. Orange, and the founder, owner, and operator of Heresy Studios.  An intelligence analyst by day and a historian by training, he spends 12 months a year wishing it were Halloween, so he formed his own comic book company to write horror comics. He wrote and published standalone horror comics The Order of Dracula, Bless the Children, and Cat & Mouse. 

Make sure you check out the exhibit at Glasgow Horror Fest 2018; where you’ll find Dr. Orange along with many more incredible indie horror creations.

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