How to Do Halloween Decorations Like a Pro


Halloween decorations can be spooky, tacky, or downright dreadful. You want to bring out the right ambiance in the spirit of the holiday. To do that, you need to focus on atmosphere, impact, and balance. It’s all about getting that right blend of creepy, beautiful, and fascinating. 

You can achieve all of that with a few simple ideas. The first one involves bottles, jars, and containers. With a little paint, some fake webbing, and creative burning, you’ve got some neat knick-knacks. The next is reversing themes, which involves taking ideas like angels or reindeer and making them scary. 

The final idea centers on common and boring activities with a touch of Halloween. Examples include kayaking, wall climbing, or even backyard barbecue. However, they all need a twist. A skeleton for the boat, zombies for the climbers, and human body parts for the food!

Cannot Contain the Spookiness!

Halloween is a great time to mess around and let your creativity run wild. It’s also a fantastic chance to stand out and be unique!

Instead of pumpkins, why not use painted, empty milk jugs for your lanterns? Why not fill clear glass dairy bottles with colorful liquids with different consistencies? Then place them under a light platform. 

You can even decorate used jam jars with floating eyeballs or fingers!

Even aromatherapy candle containers can be used. Set the ambiance with gorgeous glasswork and relaxing scents!

Of course, you do have to make sure that it suits the spirit of Halloween. There are plenty of aromatherapy candles and containers that are made for this holiday. Some are shaped like bats, zombies, and the like. They even come with appropriate names for their scents. 

This is all to give your home that extra level of charm. If you are having a party, this is a great way to liven up the event. 

Make Any Holiday Scary

Who says that themes are exclusive to their respective holidays? There is a unique and refreshing impact upon seeing a demonic cupid, for example. What about making roses extra thorny, with more malicious shades of red and black? 

Heck, you can even buy artificial flowers that look withered and dead. 

If you really want to go the extra mile, how about putting a statue of a zombie Santa Claus out front? You want the maximum scare factor? This is how you do it.

Trick or Treaters won’t even know what they are looking at!

This is a great way of turning Halloween, or indeed any holiday, right on its head. Doing what everyone else is doing is boring.

Spiders and bats? Lame! Spooky skeletons? That’s so yesterday’s pot of stew!

Don’t even think about going for witches. Instead, why not go with something more unique? Vampire Elsa from “Frozen” anyone? That’s bound to turn some heads. 

There are so many options to choose from with this method. Mostly because it opens up whole new worlds of ideas for Halloween!

Why be boring when you can be interesting?

A Different Take on Ordinary 

Every day is normal. Every day is mundane. Every day is boring.

This is Halloween. Halloween is not boring. Combine them together, though, and you’ve got a concoction to ensnare the senses. 

Picture your front lawn with a boat and a figure in regular clothes holding the oar facing toward the side of the house. You are walking up from behind the figure, unable to see its face. When you finally get to the other side, it has no eyes and lower jaw. 

If you’re going to do Halloween decoration anyway, you might as well go big. However, the “big” part here is the impact, not the size. 

Too many homes overstuff their lawns, rooftops, walls, and gardens with mountains of decorations. They end up looking like a Halloween store exploded on their property.

What you want to aim for is how people will react to what you set up. Will they be scared? Disgusted? impressed? Awed?

Making Halloween memorable is one of the reasons to decorate, in the first place. Taking the ordinary and turning into the stuff of nightmares will do that.

Building on the first example, you can also set a George Foreman grill right out front with a closed lid. Put a sign that says, “Free burgers!” and an arrow pointing at it. 

Make sure that it’s positioned right up to the end of the lawn so that anyone passing by can check it out. Who can resist free burgers? Since it’s Halloween, though, they really should know better.

Now, there are a few things that you can put inside the grill to make it scary. Arms and legs work. The same goes for fake bloody carcasses. However, if you really want to go the extra mile, aim for a realistic severed head

Try to choose a head with an expression that is as gruesome as possible. After that, sit back and wait for the screams to start. 


Halloween is a lot of fun. It’s also a great time to put up some tasteful, atmospheric, and unique decorations. Sure, you could go with the boring old bats and webs. If you want to stand out, though, those won’t be enough. 

With the suggestions brought up here, you can be sure that Halloween will be a lot more fun. Better yet, it will be more memorable. 

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