Countdown to October 31st with this Halloween Advent Calendar


The countdown to Halloween is underway, but for some of us it can’t come fast enough. While advent calendars are commonly given to children ahead of Christmas, it’s time adults got in on the fun. Old Raven is an eclectic collection of altered art, mixed media and fabric crafts with a strong flavoring of vintage distressed – including this stunning spooky apothecary styled Halloween countdown calendar.


It’s not the only one, with a whole Halloween themed collection and custom orders available at Old Raven’s Etsy. This cabinet has three segments; the top has four drawers, a book shelf and is topped with three more skulls in various sizes, one even has a rusty nail driven through it, and a rack of various arm and hand bones off each side.


The large bottom segment has fifteen drawers and The Dungeon! Appropriately deep and dark it is well littered with skeleton debris and more toadies. Suspended from the dungeon roof is a rusty metal cage with the last torture victim – or what’s left of him, anyways – trapped within.


The middle segment has another book shelf, two drawers and two large closets with Vintage skeleton nature plates for doors and arm bone door handles. Behind those doors are (to the left) bones of all sizes and variety and (to the right) frogs and toads, all dripping slime and spider web.


So you can count down to the greatest holiday in style with this awesome hand made piece. What would you put inside each of the compartments?

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