Hacktivision: Friday the 13th Lives! [NES Mockup]

F13 - Main Screen

Friday the 13th is a classic, but it’s video game adaptations in the 80s were…less than faithful to the franchise. So we were super impressed by this mock up of a game by Hactivison, which covers the entire film series. Titled Friday the 13th Lives it captures the feel of the movies far, far better than the official Nintendo release. Just makes it wish it was real! Check out the trailer below

For those old enough to remember the NES and all it’s crazy accessories, you’ll want to check out the mocked-up manual too.

1 Manual Cover 2 Contents 3 The Story 4 Camper Creation 5 Camper Create 2 6 Camper Creation 3 7 Game Play 8 Game Play 2 9 Getting to the first level 10 Get to the Underwold 11 Overworld 1 12 Underworld 1 13 Underworld pg 2 14 Underworld pg 3 15 Hints 1 16 Hints 2 17 Hints 3 18 Map 19 Enemy Page 20 21 Zapper Use Continued 22 Power Pad 1 23 Power Pad 2 24 Compliance page

Find out more about this project and Hactivision here.