This Guy Built His Pet Tortoise a Mini Jurassic Park


Not satisfied with a normal glass enclosure, YouTube user Oliver Turpin created a miniature Jurassic Park set fit for a T-Rex. But since dinosaurs are extinct, the main attraction isn’t a ferocious carnivore, but a lazy tortoise named Louie that bides its time by munching on blades of grass.


The tortoise isn’t really touched by this though. He only cares about the grass around him Turpin posted footage of the mini Jurassic Park online, with John Williams’ famed soundtrack playing over it, while fans expressed their jealousy of the oblivious reptile.


The enclosure consists of a grazing area, swimming pool, visitor’s center and of course the iconic gates that surround the park. Louise should feel pretty at home though, as interestingly turtles and tortoises have existed since the era of the dinosaurs.

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