Gunship Release Lost Boys Inspired Music Video ‘Dark All Day’

Synthwave band Gunship have released a brand new music video  for their single ‘Dark All Day, which is heavily inspired by 80s horror visuals.

The Lost Boys are a particular influence, with Tim Cappello – who featured in the original film – appearing both in the track and the video to reprise his role. Speaking about the project, he said “Gunship’s track ‘Dark All Day’ is one of the funkiest tracks I’ve ever played on. Thegroove is brooding and dark but there’s so much passion & power to it, it moves so well, I couldn’t stop dancing while I was playing on it. And going doubletime during the choruses, pure genius. The guest singer, Indiana, has so much personality, her voice is so perfect for this, I think she’s AMAZING! It was so much fun to reprise my role in The Lost Boys, 30 years later, I kinda felt like a kid again, the hips are holding up.”  

The video and track also features UK singer/songwriter Indiana on vocals, best known for her chart topping song ‘Solo Dancing’ and album ‘No Romeo’. Conceptually, the new video sees Gunship return to The Lost Boys’ fictional town of ‘Santa Carla’ in order to play a show. Unfortunately the years have not been kind to Santa Carla and the town’s infamous vampire infestation has worsened considerably. It’s all going to OK though – GUNSHIP have brought the world’s most notorious vampire slayers along for the ride as their personal bodyguards…The new video pays homage to numerous well-known vampire slayer characters, including Buffy The Vampire Slayer, Blade, Seth Gecko from ‘Dusk til Dawn’, and the Frog brothers from the original film. The video culminates in the ‘death’ of Gunship, and their undead resurrection.

The video is created in Japanese anime style by Angry Metal Studios but, significantly, it switches to live action for the finale – this is the first time that Gunship have revealed themselves, having never appeared in any of their previous videos.

Gunship are well-known for their impressive collaborations with previous material featuring the likes of John Carpenter and Lee Hardcastle.

You can check out the new video below.