A Guide For Plant SYMBOLISM

Plants and flowers not only give us a fresh breath of air but also liven up our environments. Be it at home or anywhere you may spend much of your time. They have a plethora of interpretations and various meanings with regards to their origins, traditional stories, and beliefs, colours as well as distinctiveness. Around the world, you will come across plants in all different species. They range from bonsai trees, pothos, air plants, snake plants, philodendrons, to prayer-plants. When you are looking for the right plants for home for fresh air and colour, you need to familiarise yourself with the plant symbolization. In this post, we share some of the highlights of the best houseplant. Read on.

Air plants

A symbol of creativity and freedom,  Air plants are the best for those who live in a small house. And they do not consume a lot of space either. Though it may be small in size, do not underestimate the plant. It has a distinctive shape, and its colour puffs life into any living space. Due to their aptness to shine from the soil, they also exude liberty and are a right pick for those who move frequently or travel.

Bonsai trees

Are you looking for a plant that breathes calmness and harmony? Bonsai trees are all that and more. They are believed to possess a meditative and therapeutic effect when frequently tend to them. They are an ideal plant for someone in need of equilibrium in their life or just to take some time off from their busy day’s routines.


If you are a fan of nature walks and could make up an excuse just to be one with nature, Philodendrons plants save you all that hustle as they symbolize love for nature. They are also a great pick for those with a burning passion for an eco-friendly life. In addition, they also represent personal growth, making them an ideal gift for loved ones going through a major shakeup in life or reinventing their personality.

Pothos plants

There are just those people who are relentless in pursuing their dreams whatever the pain they encounter; they just brush it off and keep on their path. It’s not only people who realise these efforts but also Pothos plants. They represent perseverance and their vines grow very long and quite fast showing determination. You can hang the plant’s pot marking a symbol for reaching new and greater heights.

Prayer plants

Devotion and focus are represented through prayer. And there is no better way to do it than having the Prayer plant. The name Prayer was derived from the way its leaves move upward during the night, showing a sign of praying hands. Its leaves move on the same schedule and are in line with an individual who maintains a schedule and loves to stay organized.


The environment a plant comes from is important, and Succulents are a testament. They are tough plants symbolizing loyalty and endurance. Because they are able to withstand high temperatures and require minimum care, they are highly durable. They always stick around and will be there even if you neglect them.

Now that you know the symbols plants come with, why not order them and get the benefits they symbolize?