Gruesome Culinary Delights

With wedding season fast approaching, we know you’ll want to see the darker side of cake art. A ghoulish alternative to plain sponge cake, Annebel de Vetten, nicknamed Annabel Lecter, is the go-to baker for all things grizzly. Annabel runs the Conjurer’s Kitchen in Birmingham and specialises in the kind of cakes you won’t find in your local bakery. Her work features imagery such as dead baby heads, skinned birds, rodent skulls, blood soaked intestines and human brains. Annabel explains “When people look at my cakes, they recoil in disgust, but it’s funny watching their expressions as they bite into a bit of intestine and realise it tastes like chocolate cake” 

Annabel only began baking three years ago, but can spend up to 30 hours crafting the one off cakes. She explained: “With stuff like the life-size baby’s heads, which are made from white chocolate and therefore look kind of dead, it obviously isn’t to everyone’s taste – but they’re certainly different and that’s not always a bad thing. ‘My cakes resemble human organs, mummified heads and life-sized skulls – they’re for people with a sweet tooth but a strong stomach”

Find out more at Annabel’s website, and check out some of her gory creations below.

brain cake



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