Gregbo Watson

Hats-Off-Welcome-to-the-Graveyard-Gregbo (1)

Hat’s Off – Welcome To The Graveyard. In this illustration, an undead creature rises from his grave in order to “tip his hat” and welcome newcomers to his graveyard

Gregbo Watson is a comic book artist and illustrator with a twisted imagination and dark sense of humor. Both of which are mirrored in his art and illustration style. His work is heavily influenced by the many ghostly legends and southern folktales he was raised on during his childhood. Spooky stories filled with offbeat characters, wicked witches, ghosts and goblins fascinated his imagination. 


Zombie Alice

Trained as an illustrator using traditional media, Gregbo studied Illustration and Fine Art at both the Visual Art Institute and Museum School of Art in Greenville, SC. Now working digitally, he applies those traditional techniques using Manga Studio and Adobe Photoshop. Gregbo pencils and inks comic books for publishers including Zenescope Entertainment (“Wonderland : Down The Rabbit Hole“, “2013 Grimm Fairytales Holiday Special“) and Storyboard Graphic Novels (“Lone Wolf“, and an upcoming project featuring Aliens). His horror-themed trading card set “Bad Seeds” (published by NeonMob) recently debuted on Halloween 2013. Working in the horror, fantasy, and superhero genres, Gregbo does commissions and works on freelance projects from his studio in Easley, SC.


Premature Burial – Illustration of a poor, unwilling soul being prematurely laid to rest by an overzealous undertaker and his creepy assistant.

Gregbo’s interest with the macabre began with his Father and Grandfather, who told spooky tales of mountain witches, demon black cats, devilish deals, and other supernatural themes. Many of these stories, including  Jack Tales, Jenny Greenteeth, and The Monkey’s Paw originated in England, and stood out to Gregbo because of their quirky, memorable characters. Similarly, in creating Bad Seeds, he juxtaposes creepy and cute, or horror and humour.


Wakin’ The Dead – a spooky children’s illustration featuring a rock and roll zombie who makes his way down from his haunted house on the hill. As he crosses through the cemetery, the music from his headphones is obviously loud enough to “wake the dead”

Find out more about Gregbo’s work at his official website and Facebook.

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