Graphic Art by David Leeth

Lady of the Lake

David Leeth lives in in Spokane, Washington. He’s a graphic artist, writer and photographer who only seriously took up photography in the last seven years, as a way to develop his Photoshop skills and to have fun. He likes to create disturbing world with his work, explaining –  “I have always had a dark sense of humor, so there’s usually some whimsy involved in most of my horror. I like to make people laugh, but sometimes I like to creep them out. In real life most people tell me I’m far from creepy. I just smile when they tell me that.”

“I love working with a model who is creative and wants to create a concept/world that is striking and imaginative. and often unreal. I’m not just interested in a pose, or an outfit, but an entire concept and surrounding. The environment is every bit a part of my photos as the model. The idea doesn’t always have to be mine; it just needs to be an idea that inspires me. Once that happens, all kinds of things are possible, and the only limitations are my own.”

One of his favourite pieces is The Spider Woman, although he’s unsure where the idea originally came from

Spider Woman

For Bubbles the Clown, he wanted to create a really creepy image

Bubbles the Clown

Minuette the Marionette is his attempt to blend sexy and creepy

Minuette the Marionette

Scooter Jones, your basic serial killing monster. David’s friend requested that he ‘mess him up’ in Photoshop

Scooter Jones

Rather than using a model, David will often insert himself into nightmarish scenes


Shadow Talking

Getting the cat out of the old Watkins house was going to be difficult with that creepy Billy Johnson in the room.

Billy Johnson

The Alien Lizard People thought they had all bases covered when they invaded Earth, but they hadn’t planned on Samurai Sophie!

Samurai Sophie

“A valet, of stealthy step, thence conducted me, in silence, through many dark and intricate passages in my progress to the studio of his master.”
~E.A. Poe, The Fall of the House of Usher


Poor Man’s Lady of the Lake, because not all Lake Ladies can afford the better bodies of water…

Lady of the Lake

David considers the image below his most horrific piece, the decapitation of a close friend (requested by the model) He explains –

“Kali specifically requested that I do a gory photo of her in a decapitated state. I actually wasn’t going to do it. I don’t feel comfortable “killing” off people I know. Then I came across this shot and I remembered how happy Kali seemed at the prospect of being murdered in a photo. I saw the creepy potential of the shot, and was seduced by the Photoshop challenge. How could I say no?

Still, this turned out to be one of my more realistic endeavors, and its utter lack of humor gives us no shield from what I’ve depicted. That’s not what I usually do. I usually try to supply a laugh with something like this, but there’s nothing funny about this photo. I also have a serious problem with violence against women, and depicting such a hideous thing here still disturbs me. I had to ask a few people if I should even put this up. The most enthusiastic vote came from Kali herself, who slapped this up on Facebook seconds after I sent it to her. “That is the coolest thing I’ve ever seen!” is what she texted to me.

So, well, the customer is happy”


For more information and to check out more of his work, check out David’s Flickr