Watch the Trailer for Grant McPhee’s New Horror Film

Our local readers should remember Grant McPhee as a panellist at last year’s Glasgow Horror Fest! Grant gave us an insight into the process of developing and distributing independent horror films as part of a panel looking at indie horor filmmaking. We are thrilled to report that his latest horror directing venture is enjoying great success – premiering last week at the Manchester Film Festival.

FAR FROM THE APPLE TREE stars Sorcha Groundsell (THE INNOCENTS, CLIQUE) as Judith, a wide-eyed and innocent artist who has been given the opportunity of a lifetime – the chance to live with, and learn from, renowned occult artist Roberta Roslin (Victoria Liddelle, OUTLAW KING) as she prepares for her first solo art exhibition. When Judith discovers a mysterious woman hidden within the archive who bears a striking resemblance to herself, she is faced with a battle between artistic integrity and her own mind.

FAR FROM THE APPLE TREE is a dark pop-art fairytale following in the traditions of THE WICKER MAN, ALICE IN WONDERLAND and REBECCA, with an added dose of psychedelia.

McPhee is best known for his detailed portrayal of music subcultures of the 1980s and 1990s, and his musical affinity permeates this latest work. FAR FROM THE APPLE TREE features a soundtrack by artist Rose McDowall (Psychic TV, Strawberry Switchblade, Current93), and utilises decades old vintage camera equipment to help weave its dreamlike state and reality-shifting storylines.  Formats included 35mm, Betamax, Super8 and home developed film.

McPhee says:  “I wanted to make a film that felt different to everything else around but still felt scary like a traditional horror film.  It’s part SUSPIRIA, mixed with The Velvet Underground, minimalist classical music and old fairytales. It’s a woozy dream mixed with sharp bursts of waking nightmares.”

FAR FROM THE APPLE TREE will be released in cinemas, on DVD and on online platforms later this year. In the meantime, check out the trailer below.