Graffiti Artist Creates Giant Monster Mural on Universal Studios Backlot

On a 50-by-200-foot wall on the Universal Studios City backlot, street artist Tristan Eaton has created an amazing mural paying tribute to some of the earliest icons of horror cinema.

Colourful portraits in the artists unique style depict the Frankenstein monster, his bride, the Wolfman, and the Creature from the Black Lagoon.

Universal’s monsters “were the outsiders, outcasts, rebels and outlaws of their time,” says film chairman Donna Langley. It’s fitting that a graffiti artist is re-creating them, she adds, “because graffiti artists are considered the rebel outlaws of the art world.”

Eaton spent several months researching the Universal archives, drawing inspiration from the monster posters produced for outside of the US. The foreign posters were often more abstract than the more famous American designs.