Medical Student Creates Gory Bleeding Heart Cake

It’s getting close to Valentines Day, and if you’re anything like us you’ve probably seen more than enough cutesy teddies and heart shaped chocolates on shelves recently. But a medical student from New Zealand has created in in depth tutorial for creating these gory realistic human heart cakes. They’re pretty romantic, in a bloody and gruesome kid of way. Claudia Brick is a passionate baker as well as a second year medical student – and she combined both of her passions to create these awesome edible goodies.

On her blog, Claudia explains“They are made from texas-muffin tin sized chocolate cakes- fluffy, dark and studded with chocolate chunks. You then shape pairs of the cakes into a roughly oval anatomical heart-shape (see the picture with the cakes on top of the fondant), stick them together with smears of smooth chocolate buttercream and wrap the red fondant up and around the them, molding out arteries at the top. Homemade piping gel is surprisingly cheap and simple – sugar, lemon juice, cornflour and water comes together into a glossy, thick paste that can be coloured with red and black food colouring and painted straight onto the fondant for that bloody, straight-out-of-your-chest look. A dark purple berry compote (strained to remove seeds) is the final touch, dolloped into the arteries and down the cake for extra gory, bloody effect.”

Check out the pictures below, or see more of Claudia’s work on Instagram.




Screen Shot 2016-02-11 at 15.58.35


Screen Shot 2016-02-11 at 15.59.06


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