These Horror Fans Built A GIANT Freddy Krueger Glove


Nightmares Unlimited are quickly gaining a following among horror fans for their unique movie prop designs. The company create props based on classic horror movies, with their re-designed Freddy Krueger gloves being particularly popular.

You might remember us featuring their Springwood Slasher glove which incorporated the iconic green serum from Re-Animator. Adding to the glove portfolio, the team undertook a massive challenge and built what is probably the largest replica of Krueger’s blades ever!

At four foot tall, the formidable prop was built to display on Nightmares Unlimited’s convention tables. The supersized creation has been awarded the title of “World’s Largest Freddy Glove” by Nightmare Relics.

Check out Nightmares Unlimited’s Facebook page for more info and work in progress shots.





(Images via Nightmares Unlimited)