These Beautiful Giallo Playing Cards are Raising Money for Charity


The Italian “giallo” genre of highly-stylized, gruesome crime centred horror films have an avid cult following. Films like SuspiriaThe Girl Who Knew Too Much and Deep Red are celebrated for their amazing visuals, and that style is the subject of this great charity project by Cultzilla.

‘Cinquanta due carte all ‘ombra di giallo!’ is a stunning deck of giallo-themed playing cards housed in a classy custom designed box. The numerical cards feature posters from giallo films while the aces are weapons. Knaves are Testi, Sorel, Rassimov and Hilton, Queens are Fenech, Strindberg, Bolkan and Bouchet, whilst the Kings are Bava, Argento, Martino and Fulci.

What’s more awesome is that the artists produced the deck as a charity project.  @rachael_nisbet@GiornataNera and @SignorWardh created the cards to raise funds for two charities which promote autism acceptance and support Autism Anglia and Swedish Autism and Asperger association.

Check out the video below to get a look at the artwork, and order a limited edition set of the giallo playing cards here.

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