‘Great British Ghosts’ Reveal GHOSTER Trailer

You might remember a while ago we covered indie horror comic The Malevolents by Thom Burgess of Great British Ghosts. Now Thom has partnered with Toby Meakins to create Ghoster, a concept superhero/supernatural horror short which is part of a whole franchise that ties in with The Malevolents.

Thom Burgess is a graphic designer and animator based in Kent. Between indulging in his love for all things creative through heading up creative agency Captcha Studios. He also enjoys indulging in his love of all things ghostly through running Great British Ghosts and its official offshoot magazine The Spectral Times.

The synopsis reads The world is plagued by vicious MALEVOLENTS, evil ghosts that feed on pain, suffering and death. There remains one hope amidst the terror, a 21-year-old dropout who must to fight to claim his extraordinary birthright – Spectral assassin, hunter of the dead…GHOSTER”

The creators have released a trailer for Ghosters, which you can check out below along with it’s new cover art. You can also find out more at the Ghoster website.