How to Get the Best Halloween Deals on Casino Games

Typically, when you think of saving money at Halloween, you think of saving money on candy by buying in bulk or even buying out of season candy such as Valentine’s Day candy (it tastes good all year round!).

Or you think of ways to save money on your costume, using DIY tips and tricks, turning yourself into a cloud using an umbrella or just crocheting your very own costume with the wool that you have laying around the house. But, at this time of year, this isn’t the only way to get deals and discounts as most things you love have some Halloween promotions – including casino games.

Do Your Research

The first top tip is to do your research! Whenever you spend money on buying a physical good, you should do your research first by finding out everything before you put down any cash. Online casino games are no different in that sense and you’re advised to read reviews of casinos to find out what offers – for example 50 free spins – they have on, especially at Halloween when welcome offers and bonuses have gone live. Check out this review of the online Hippodrome (not the one in London) as an example, as this online casino offers a C$1000 welcome bonus and frequent, ongoing promotions. This means it could save you some money in the long run whereas other online casinos may not, so look into this before you sign up.

Know What You Want to Play

Another useful trick is to know what you want to play before you sign up anywhere. There are hundreds of online casino games being offered by a range of providers, with Microgaming being one of the most popular. But which ones do you want to play? Do you want to be transported to the plains of the Serengeti with the wild animal themed Mega Moolah? Or would you prefer to play a licensed tie-in game such as Tomb Raider, where the face of the iconic treasure hunter Lara Croft adorns the reels? Knowing what sort of game you want to play and how you would like to play it (e.g. if you prefer to play on mobile) will help you narrow down your search, making it easier for you locate deals on your favorite games too.

Halloween is a pretty good time for online casino gamers. New, holiday-themed promotions are going live and the strong variety of games with their supernatural themes help you to get into the Halloween mood. So go ahead and have fun!