Artists imagine Garbage Pail Kids as Adults

Many horror fans probably got their introduction to the darker side of life as kids through The Garbage Pail Kids. Conceived as a parody of the popular Cabbage Patch dolls, the franchise has gained a significant cult following. We’ve previously talked about artists who have created pieces for the series, and those who have created parodies and tributes. Here’s another interesting project for the Garbage Pail fan community, imagining how some of the characters might have turned out as adults.

Brandon Voges, a commercial lifestyle photographer at Bruton Stroube Studios describe how the idea came about during lunch with his friend Jake Houvenagle on the Bruton Stroube website“In the middle of our conversation, Jake tells me about this concept he has to shoot Garbage Pail Kids, 30 years later…as real people, in real situations, with backstories of how their lives have played out.  I then proceeded to crap my pants, tell him of his genius and get super excited.  I was a huge fan of Garbage Pail Kids and had a large collection as a kid.  The idea of revisiting them, thinking through their story and shooting these portraits was a dream.  We had to make this happen.”

So far, six characters have been created, although the team plan to create more. Check out the Garbage Pail Adults below, or find out more here.

‘Adam Bomb

As a small child, Adam had no idea how much of an impact pressing that button would have on his life (and everyone else’s).  He’s had to live with that horrible, juvenile decision for his entire life, in this wasteland that he created.  He lost everyone and everything, and was the only one that survived the destruction.  It’s been the source of major depression throughout his life (and his head).  Although that dented head has healed, his heart has remained a wasteland.’

garbage pail adults

garbage pail adults

‘Clogged Duane

Who would have thought that a child who suffered such a traumatic, life-threatening experience would grow up to be the regional manager of a drain clearing and plumbing business?  Plumb Nutz was ranked in the top 900 businesses of Fairfax County (East division) and Duane has been helping people remove all sorts of goodies from choked pipes for the last 22 years. His horrible accident left him with a set of thin and flexible appendages which he now uses to snake through clogged drains, and, by tickling his toes, remove the culprits.’

Screen Shot 2015-06-09 at 10.29.41


‘Bony Tony

Tony did pretty well with the ladies in high school. They always wanted to get “under his skin,” curious what would be hiding under that zipper. In college, Tony partied hard, eventually dropped out, never to return. He was good with his hands, but unable to hold down a construction gig or any of the local assembly line jobs because of the safety concerns related to his loose skin. Tony decided he had a real gift, and took it to the stage. He has been headlining a low end Chippendales knock off in old town Vegas for the last 14 years.’

Screen Shot 2015-06-09 at 10.30.51


‘Noah Body

Noah has become known for that optimistic smile. Born with no body, his options were limited. To survive, he begged for change in exchange for pencils. He spent most of his childhood homeless, but always had that smile. He knew he was destined for bigger things, body or not. With that smile and charm he worked his way from being homeless on the tough streets of New York, to being the founder and owner of Pencil Club, a monthly pencil delivery service that has 20,000 employees and is the #1 pencil retailer in 42 countries. A fun Noah fact: He now owns the high-rise office building that he once begged in front of.’
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The full series, plus behind the scenes images, retouching images and more can be seen here.