Horror Games: Not for the faint of heart!

Source: https://unsplash.com/photos/z9hvkSDWMIM

In the game industry for all platforms from PC to consoles exist numerous genres. Horror games are very popular, where the gamer is terrified in front of the screen. It is exactly this creepy atmosphere that makes the real appeal. At casino777.ch, customers will certainly find horror slots where a lot of money can be won. Whether presented as a shooter or a classic role-playing game, horror games are very entertaining and have a growing fan base. Undead, zombies and paranoid characters in the games provide plenty of shock effects and no player is safe from these characters!

Times have changed – from lame shooter to complex story!

The first horror games in the early 90s were unfortunately more first-person shooters than deep stories. Therefore, horror games had a rather bad reputation and only hardcore fans bought a copy until the console or PC. This was certainly also due to the film industry, which hardly produced good horror films with real depth. Apparently, this circumstance had also rubbed off on the game industry. Therefore, the first developments were only a short experience and quickly the games became boring.

It wasn’t until better and, above all, more realistic graphics and more innovative soundscapes that some classics were able to really sweep the player away. Especially the Resident Evil series found many fans and until today the game series is one of the best horror games on all platforms. Often, the combination of shocking moments and simultaneous entertainment succeeds, as Until Dawn impressively proves as a classic.

Old but still scary

In 2006, the game Call of Cthulhu: Dark Corners of the Earth was released. Of course, the graphics can’t keep up with today’s standards, but experts classify the game as one of the first horror games with many hours of fun and real depth. Alone in the Dark 1 from 1992 is considered to be the first three-dimensional horror game (by the way, it still had to be started with DOS). The innovative gameplay alone, interactive mechanics and creepy situations in rough crowds, made gamers’ blood run cold back then.

Despite the great success of these classics, it was only in recent years that excellent and, above all, mass-market horror games came onto the market. The developers have learned and adopted many aspects from the typical role-playing games, whereby players can put themselves in the character’s shoes even better. In the meantime, the market is growing and the successful TV series “The Walking Dead” has certainly contributed to bringing the topic of horror and zombie apocalypse closer to gamers.

These are the best current horror games for all platforms on the market

Currently, Dying Light 2: Stay Human, the sequel to the first part, clearly dominates. What it’s about. The pure apocalypse in a world where human factions fight each other and zombies make the streets unsafe. Almost like the series “The Walking Dead”. The story is not neglected in this game, and the open world is especially inviting to explore. Role-playing elements were also adopted, as the character learns skills and collects experience points. Fans of the genre will get their money’s worth. The creepy factor is enormous and especially in the dark the zombies chase the player in a murderous chase through the narrow alleys!

Although the game already has five years under its belt, Resident Evil 7 returns to the absolute basics of a horror game. The fans are happy about it and the sales figures are still high. It’s a classic survival mode in a world where all sorts of creatures want to get at the player. So no slaughter and shooter in this sense (as many spin-offs unfortunately still celebrate), but the player must proceed tactically clever and above all quietly and cautiously to explore the world. That’s exactly what makes up the creepy factor.

Zombies as a classic in horror games

If you’re more into zombie shooters, you’ll find what you’re looking for in the horror game Back 4 Blood. The multiplayer mode is interesting here, where up to 4 players start the battle for the survival of mankind together. By the way, there are 8 characters to choose from, which all have their advantages and disadvantages. Basically, strategy is required, because the developers have built in a kind of artificial monster intelligence. That means in plain language: the hordes of opponents learn quickly. At least it doesn’t get boring and the zombie action doesn’t come up short. Only the certain depth is missing, but it is clearly a shooter in the horror game department.

But Phasmophobia also ties in with the horror game division. And this time with ghosts to discover. Basically, up to 4 players gather and collect evidence of the existence of ghosts. A very interesting idea with plenty of creepy factor. Of course, there are all sorts of options available here. From cameras to motion detectors and a large amount of technology. But caution is advised: There are harmless ghosts and supernatural apparitions that can almost give the player a heart attack. If you like ghost movies, you’ll find a suitable game for the theme here.