The ‘Friday the 13th’ NES Game is getting it’s own Movie


Jason Voorhees’ 1989 translation to video game form might be considered one of the worst games ever released for the original Nintendo Entertainment System (NES). It’s infamy however has lead to it becoming something of a cult classic, with fan made merch and collectables popping up from time to time.

Filmmaker Michael Ramova wants to take it a step further, and create a fan film based on the 8-bit game. Yup, Friday the 13th: The Game: The Movie! It’s looking awesome so far, and he’s crowdfunding to bring the project to life.


He explains: “I want to make a kick ass Friday the 13th short based on the old Nintendo LJN video game! I’m a huge fan of 80s slashers and 80s video games… so this is a dream project. I can only do it with your help.” 

You can support the film on IndieGoGo, and check out the preview below.