Free Indie Horror ‘Positively Outrageously Violent (P.O.V) Hitting YouTube This Halloween

Director Karim Davis has spent the past eight months working on an independent first person horror project, set to hit YouTube this Halloween. Positively Outrageously Violent (P.O.V.) is a no-budget action horror-comedy focused on sex crazed and super violent escaped inmate who happily finds himself as Earth’s last hope in the fight against the zombie apocalypse.

Davis originally created a short scene for a 15 Second Horror Film Challenge, and received a positive response to his work, inspiring him to create the ten minute version. You can check out the original 15 second film below.

The short film is inspired by horror first person shooter games such as Doom, with the majority of the action taking place from a first person perspective. The cast and crew worked for free on the weekends to make the project a reality.

Find out for about the film on it’s Facebook page, or watch the trailer below.