Blog Spotlight: Frankensteinia

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Frankenstein is without doubt one of the most enduring horror icons in history, with it’s monster popping up in countless movies, cartoons and merchandise. There are so many incarnations of the famous monster, that keeping track of all of them would be almost impossible. Thankfully, one blog is making a very commendable attempt, hosting a treasure trove of Frankenstein related content.  Frankensteinia, celebrates as many manifestations of the monster as possible in the media – including film, music, television and advertising. It also showcases new and historical toys, comic books and merchandise linked to the Frankenstein story.

The blog, written by Pierre Fournier features an impressive range of historical items – several hours could be spent just browsing through the vintage images, newspaper clippings and historical artefacts. Recently, the blog has added scans of Seeing Stars, popular ‘gossip column’ style cartoons in the 1930s and 40s. This type of content really underlines the influence of this franchise through the ages, and it is easy to become totally immersed in the d of the franchise. What set’s it apart from being a simple collection of images is the commentary on each item showcased. The blog owner is extremely passionate and knowledgeable – providing engaging and valuable information about each little piece of history.

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As well as the numerous media adaptations, the blog is also designed to pay tribute to author Mary Shelly. Often ignored for the film adaptations, the blog owner is a huge supporter of the The Shelley-Godwin Archive – which allows anyone to view Shelly’s manuscripts online. Pierre Fournier is also up for a prestigious Rondo Classic Horror Award in the ‘Best Blog or Online Column’ category.

Frankensteinia is an accessible, engaging starting point for anyone who wants to know more about the franchise – or indeed monster movies in general – while having plenty of innovative content and enthusiasm to keep drawing back old-time fans. We urge you to check them out and get lost in one of the best online archives available for horror fans. We are very pleased to add them to our list of Popcorn Horror’s Horror Blog Award Winners.