‘Foxed!’: Indie horror short being expanded to feature film


This week on #ShortFrightFriday, we showcased the fantastic stop-motion/3D animated horror short ‘Foxed!‘. Director James Stewart is currently working on a redevelopment of the film as a feature length movie with accompanying virtual reality experience for the Occulus Rift.  Martin Katz, most notable for his work with David Cronenberg has acquired the rights to ‘Foxed’ with Stewart set to direct the feature.

The dark short focuses on Emily and the children of Chiswick, as they attempt to reclaim their town after they are kidnapped by foxes and locked in the mysterious Blue Goo Mines. It has been selected for over 90 film festivals, and was released via iTunes inn over 60 countries. The feature adaption is aiming for release in 2017.

The feature version of “Foxed!” will be distributed worldwide by Prospero Pictures with Stewart’s Geneva Film Company. James Stewart has explained that the Occulus Rift features will serves an accompaniment to the main film, as will include elements of 3D stop-motion animation, CG animation and live action.  He explained in an interview with Variety“As a storyteller, it’s exciting to work on multiple platforms at once,” Stewart said. “I’m excited about telling the story in an immersive environment, where the viewer is able to have a very different experience with the same story. The VR experience will be a separate, similar story, but it will obviously be nonlinear and be an active experience in 360.”


The short has been compared to the work of Tim Burton, and dark children’s fantasy ‘Corraline’. In this vein, the VR features of the upcoming film are being designed with the intent of altering the viewers sense of reality.

Stewart explained this idea, stating: “From a narrative point of view, the  difference between VR and linear storytelling is very much like the difference between reading a book and having a dream,” he said. “The way we dream is very nonlinear and very abstract, and I think that is what VR is going to closely resemble, as opposed to something that starts with a beginning, middle and end. It’s definitely going to have a beginning, it’s definitely going to have a middle and it may not have an end, depending on who you are and how enthusiastic you are about it.”

Find out more about ‘Foxed!’ at the official website and Facebook.

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