Flashback Friday the 13th: The Best of Jason


Since Popcorn Horror launched there have been seven Friday the 13th dates occurring in the calendar. That means a lot of celebrating horror’s most famous slasher, and checking out some cool fan works based on the franchise. So here’s some of the highlights from Friday the 13th’s of the past – from the talented folks of the indie horror scene.


Check out the process of making this awesome Jason controller


This series of illustrations shows all of the deaths that occur in the franchise


Have a look at this awesome NES mockup for the ultimate retro Jason experience.


Michael talks us through the Friday the 13th series’ complex censorship history in The Many Cuts of Friday the 13th


Check out Jason themed accessories, furniture and other awesome stuff in 36 Jason Items You Need on Friday the 13th’s 36th Birthday


The cutest thing you’ll see all day, check out this short film about Jason meeting Wednesday Addams


Have a look at how this mother made her son a custom Jason doll.


Voorhees: Born on a Friday is a short fan film by Chris .R. Notarile


Alexander explores the hilarious novelization of the third film in Book vs Movie: Friday the 13th Part III 3D

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RJ Bayley reviews Jason fan film ‘Extraction


And finally, he’s joined by a few scary friends, but we could resist sharing ‘Crystal Lake Elementary School‘ with you again!