Five Terrifying Trick or Treat Recipes To Try This Halloween

Before you think “I can get these out of my mother’s magazines” – these are not your usual Halloween party, Trick or Treat goodies. No delicately drizzling white chocolate to make a super cute ghosts, or cuddly icing pumpkins. These are the recipes that blur the line between food and special effects – and those catered to avid horror fans who want something more unique than a chocolate owl.

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Zombie Mouth Cupcakes

These gruesome cake treats don’t hold back on the gore. Learn how to sculpt your own infected zombie teeth in cake form on Instructables.

Cockroach Donuts

We hear these unpleasant looking donuts have a satisfying, cockroach-y crunch. Have a go at making them and horrifying trick or treaters.

Brain Cake

This very veiny cake is not only slimy and grotesque on the outside, it ‘bleeds’ when cut open. Get the recipe from Awesome Jelly if you fancy performing surgery this Halloween.

Cinnamon Roll Guts

The folks at The Nerdist shared this one – and their description is particularly appetizing. “When they’re baked they puff up even more, rising up like a bloated mass of sickeningly sweet internal organs.”

Halloween Mini Pie Faces

Everything about these pies look as though they have spawned from the same realm as the Cenobites. Luckily Wilton created a video tutorial to help you create a meal that seems to be begging you to kill it.