Check out this Fan-Made Five Nights at Freddy’s Machinima Series


Five Nights at Freddy’s doesn’t seem to be disappearing anytime soon. With an ever expanding universe of fan created videos, music and artwork the franchise has opened up a lot of creative possibility within the indie horror community. The indie horror game has now inspired an awesome looking Machinima series, the trailer for which was revealed this week. Created by short film-maker Roman of GLS Machinima, Not a lot of information is given, other than a very brief plot outline explaining that the series will focus on “animatronics from “Five Nights at Freddy’s” who escaped from “Fazbear’s pizza” and continue their crimes”

Check out some images from the project, which is set for release later this year, below.

five nights at freddy's

Screen Shot 2015-03-02 at 12.24.52

Screen Shot 2015-03-02 at 12.25.23

Screen Shot 2015-03-02 at 12.25.05

Screen Shot 2015-03-02 at 12.24.48

Screen Shot 2015-03-02 at 12.24.58