Five Lessons From Horror Movies To Remember When Playing Online Slots

Horror movie fans are aware of the unwritten rules that determine the course of their favourite films. These cliches have formed over nearly a century of horror cinema, but were perhaps best explained in the Scream franchise. Using these often repeated rules is often a good way of predicting which characters are the most likely to survive the duration of the film, and who is going to meet a gruesome and gory end halfway through the runtime.

Similarly, with PG Slot games we should never assume the game is over.

But does learning these rules have any practical purpose in the real world? Aside from the extremely remote possibility of finding yourself face to face with Jason Voorhees or Dracula, is there a real advantage to understanding the formula behind these films? We are going to explore how the unwritten rules of horror can be applied to playing online slots, including IGM247 and many others.

5 – Listen to the spooky kid

True horror fanatics know that you should ignore the warnings of creepy children at your peril! It’s true that most children can be a little scary, but countless characters have met their maker by not heeding the words of unsettling children. Whether it’s the little boy in the Ring series who holds the secret to defeating the film’s curse, or Laurie from the Halloween series dismissing the children she is left to babysit – it is usually the case that the children either have supernatural foresight or simply notice things that the adult characters do not.

While we are of course not suggesting that your own children have supernatural powers, for games involving picking numbers; why not ask a child to randomly select. Without context, being asked to chose a number from a range at random creates a more truly random selection. You might find yourself drawn to selecting significant numbers at iGamble247, such as those representing birthdays or anniversaries – but this may mean you repeat the same pattern over and over. Plus, there is actually some science behind the idea of beginners luck!

4 – Never assume the killer is dead

How many horror villains seem to be defeated, only to rise from the dead the moment the hero’s back is turned? This idea is especially present in slasher movies, often depicted alongside the final girl trope. The last remaining female character will seemingly finally overthrow the monster who has systematically killed off her group of friends. It seems certain that the killer is dead, having sometimes been beaten, stabbed or set on fire. However, just as the heroine relaxes he leaps back to life and catches her off guard. Films featuring this narative include A Nightmare on Elm StreetFriday the 13thHalloween and countless more.

Similarly, with slot games we should never assume the game is over. Even if the player is at their final turn, there is still as possibility that the game ‘rises from the dead’ and their luck changes in the final moments.

3 – Better with friends

Anyone in a horror movie who wanders off alone, decides to take a shortcut, or splits from a group is usually doomed. “I’ll be right back” are often the famous last words of characters set to meet an untimely demise. The takeaway is that in horror-type situations, sticking with the group is the safest option for those wanting to stay alive.

Likewise, igm247 link alternatif players may find playing slots online more exciting when they can play with others around the world, share tips and chat about their favourite games.

2 – Don’t Explore Abandoned Places

Abandoned places are never actually abandoned. It’s a safe bet that the supposedly deserted hospital, house, cabin or bunker is in fact home to otherworldly monsters, evil serial killers or bloodsucking vampires. Dark, shadowy basements do not make good hiding places. The Final Destination series shows that in the world of horror even travelling to your destination can be fraught with things trying to kill you. Slasher traditions tell us that schools, hospitals, churches, and other seemingly normal destinations might also contain things better left well alone.

Online slots give players the option to stay safe at home, no travel or exploration needed. With a wealth of game options available, there should be more than enough entertainment at home without needing to take a vacation in a remote, isolated cabin in the woods.

1 – Look out for symbols and patterns 

Have you ever watched a horror movie and wondered why the camera pauses for a moment on random item? Directors use this camera technique to draw the viewers attention to something within the scene, without needing the characters on screen to call attention to it verbally. This can be useful in telling the reader that the object is significant, while implying that the characters are wither not aware of the object at all, or do not understand it’s significance to the plot. It could be a cursed item, a clue as to what has happened in the past, an item the character has forgotten or something that disproves their theory or confirms details of the plot.

Perhaps the hero hasn’t noticed a diary that would tell him how the house came to be abandoned. Maybe a character has seen something before that is the key to defeating the killer. Seasoned horror fans can usually solve the mystery by taking in these details. This can also be used to build suspense; such as a body reanimating without the main character noticing, or a shadow sweeping past a window which their back is turned to.

It’s worth remembering this horror trope in slots type games too. Make sure to check carefully for any hidden information and bonuses. Take in the entire game, not just the part your eyes are first drawn to. Also, try out the less popular games – you could find something exciting that you wouldn’t otherwise have played.

Hopefully you can use these lessons from classic horror films and apply them to your online gaming. The rules of the horror film might stem from the cliches we see in the genre, but perhaps they have some practical life lessons we can use in real world situations.